Last night I walked to the Corning Wegmans. First I stood in the beer cooler to cool off. Then I ate some cashews from the bulk foods section. I bought two donuts - one glazed and one jelly-filled powder. They were both delicious.

Won't be shopping at wegmans anytime soon

On saturday june 7th, 2008 was the first day of heatwave in south central pennsylvania. I do not have a/c because I am moving and didn't put in my window units. I can't tolerant heat due to heat exhaustion and heat stroke I suffered in the Army. So what does one do? Find a cool place - I choose wegman's in Mechanicsburg, PA. It was still 85 degrees at 10:30pm. A manager(?) (david, ironically) came up to me and asked in a rude, condescending voice: "Are you going to be here much longer?". I was in the cafe there playing with my computer. It never go full, I wasn't disruptive, or disturb anyone else. If they aren't willing to share some a/c, I'm not going to share my money with them. It also took me three times to get a "shopper's Club card".

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I would like to annouce the opening of WegCommunity.com http://wegcommunity.com/

WegCommunity.com is a full functional forum based discussion website that was created with the Wegmans employee and customer in mind.  Please stop on by to check us out and become part of our new online community.

Sincerely, WegCommunity.com Staff 

Isn't Wegmans Great!?

I took a suggestion given me by a very nice person who commented on my entry about not receiving the Menu magazine from Wegmans. I did what she suggested, updated my address information and told them I had not received a copy...and a week later, there it is, in my mailbox. It's everything and more I could ask for.

By the way, I tried the Mushroom and Marsala sauce (only $2.49) and it is DELICIOUS. Try it to make Chicken Marsala, I had it with Pork Tenderloin. I'm always going to have one or two in my cupboard.

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It's been a LONG time since there's been an entry into this community and I hope someone reads this and let's me know the answer to my question.

Is Wegman's still sending out their magazine to Shoppers Club members? I moved almost a year ago and haven't received one in months and months though 2 or 3 have been available at the store. I REFUSE to spend $4 for it, I spend enough there and should be sent one.

Also, is anyone as dissatisfied as I am about the "remodeling" done on the stores? The store where I shop, McKinley in Blasdell, NY seems darker and more claustrophobic since the "upgrade" was completed. Just asking.
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Wegmans managers

I've been out of school a while, working in different kinds of sales jobs -- electronics sales (i.e. Radio Shack) and managements (RS again) plus some brief real estate and other sales jobs. I keep reading about Wegmans (Best Place to Work) and I'm wondering if anybody knows much about what their management training program is like: Is it super-selective to get in? And what do the various levels of management earn, such as department/area/store manager?

Or...would it be cool to simply contact the HR person in one of the stores, or should I contact their HR in Rochester?

Any ideas...thanks.

Oh noes!  Curses!  Voodoo!  I'm going to die!

So I'm working one of my late nights on register at the ghetto Wegman's (Brooks-Chili, Rochester NY), and this lady comes in.  She's singing (chanting?) a curse and walks straight to the bathroom, continuing her curse, that another customer exclaimed was voodoo.  Needless to say, after she came out of the bathroom after a while, our security officer escorted her out the door, where she continued singing, cursing him, a random newspaper stand, and the stack of blue baskets.

possible pay

Hello I just applied to the Mount Laurel Wegmans. Anyone know how much someone with butcher/meat cutting experience and 3 year overnight management experience could probroly pull down? Any info would really help thanks in advance